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(VIDEO) Strengths-Based Leadership with Jan Mühlfeit and Lisa Christen

Remember the big red X your teacher would draw across your exam, highlighting all the mistakes you’d made and questions you’d answered incorrectly? Was that really the best motivator to improve your performance?

The latest research says no!

Instead, focusing on your strengths — and leading your team based on their strengths — has been shown to significantly improve how engaged and productive employees are. That’s why you need to be using strengths-based leadership!

Ultimately, your team’s success is significantly enhanced when focusing on bringing out the best of what your team members can offer.

Join retired Chairman of Microsoft Europe / Olympic mental coach Jan Mühlfeit and top-rated CEO / Executive Coach Lisa Christen on their Leadership Unleashed video series as they share their knowledge so you can figure out what your strengths are and how to build them up to amplify your success.

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