It's the people who make organizations successful.



Lisa Christen
CEO, Executive Coach

"Cultures, Teams, & Leaders need to tap into human skills in order to thrive in the digital era."

Expertise: Culture, Teams, Relationships, Communication, Influencing

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Florian Christen
Director of Business Consulting

"Only with an excellent strategy and structure in place can a business grow exponentially."

Expertise: Strategy, Process Optimization, Digitalization, Business Turnarounds

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Cécile Bastien Remy
Public Speaking, Communication

 “Become the speaker you want to be and inspire the change you want to see."

Expertise: Public Speaking, Communication, Team Communication, Storytelling

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Heather Cribbin
Performance & Mental Strength

"Connecting to yourself & others elevates growth &
performance, especially under pressure."

Expertise: Performing Under Pressure, Positive Psychology, Self-Confidence, Grit & Resilience

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Stephan Lendi
Communications, Public Speaking, & Conflict Resolution

"I help you bring out your authentic voice in the best way possible."

Expertise: Public Speaking, Personal Brand, Communications, Conflict Resolution & Mediation

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Dr. Kathrin Cornelius
Personal Leadership, Health & Wellbeing

"Create a powerful Mind, Body and Soul by living and working healthy."

Expertise: Executive Leadership, Mentoring, Systematic Health & Wellness

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Jeanine Taveras
Leadership & Team Coach, HR Advisory

“Every team is unique: full of knowledge and creativity. I support them to be authentic & thrive.”

Expertise: Leadership, Teams, Culture, HR Consulting

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Shari Keller
Individual & Team

"I believe everybody has the potential to do the best work of their lives."

Expertise: Maximizing individual & team potential through coaching and self-awareness

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Afsheen Ismail-Wey
Leadership & HR Advisory

"I'm passionate about developing Authentic Inclusive leaders and Sustainable Organizations."

Expertise: Leadership, HR Consulting, Change Management

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The essence of what makes us human is what makes us unique as leaders.

Our vision is to bring human leadership back to the organisation.


We create customized change experiences that empower cultures, teams, and leaders to show up at their best.


Lisa Christen.

Lisa Christen

Founder & Managing Director,
Christen Coaching & Consulting
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The hidden potential in people fascinates me.

My job -- my passion -- is to support people and companies in achieving their greatness.

I strongly believe every person has greatness inside.

I work tirelessly to help people make their lives more successful, more meaningful, more fulfilling (and more FUN!). I strive to remove roadblocks – both capability-wise and emotional -- that hold them back from performing at their peak levels.

And the future of work demands this approach.

Companies cannot succeed – or survive -- when 70% of their workers are disengaged. Companies can succeed – and thrive – by focusing on supporting, motivating, and developing their employees. Companies who create a culture of innovation, and who provide a safe space to fail and who lead with purpose and grit and resilience and humility, will flourish in the future.

I strongly believe every company has greatness inside.

Want to chat about greatness and the future of work? I'm an email away.

Our Core Values

We Practice Curiosity

We're curious people who like to look at the world with imagination and wonder. We encourage all of our employees and clients to get curious about their world. Through curiosity, we can get engaged and motivated by our work and the people around us. Curiosity is the true root of learning, developing, and growing ... and ultimately succeeding.

We Balance Doing With Being

We believe that action is important -- and equally as important is who you need to BE in order to DO what you need to do. If your next step is a challenge, we encourage BEING courageous. If your next step is a burden, we encourage BEING patient. Focusing on how to BE opens new possibilities for what you can DO.

We Foster Trust

We believe the most important thing we can provide is a safety net of trust for our employees, customers and community. Through trust, we feel safe enough to get innovative, to learn from a beginner's mindset, and to continue feeling accepted as a part of the team even when we make a mistake. Personal development and growth can only occur where trust thrives and we believe this trust will spur great innovation and achievement.

We Create Fun

Innovation, creativity, engagement -- they all come with a degree of fun! Our business decisions are serious and important... and remaining playful and curious helps us to open ourselves to new ideas and solutions that weren't available to us just through analyzing spreadsheets. When we're engaged and enjoying what we're doing, great work gets completed and we find our day-to-day life meaningful and enjoyable.


Lisa Christen is unlike any other Executive Coach out there. She’s exceptionally sharp and insightful; she really knows how to get to the heart of what matters most very quickly. Lisa always finds a way to help me push beyond my comfort zone and she's helped me to achieve results far beyond what I imagined could have been possible.
I’ve attended a lot of leadership development seminars and trainings over the years, but it was the Executive Coaching experience with Lisa that had an outsized impact on my career. I found the process so valuable that I even extended our original agreement! I can honestly say, I’m not the same leader I was before our Executive Coaching together. I can only recommend any executive looking to develop their leadership skills to work with Lisa Christen.
— Dr. Eric Hughes, Global Head of Clinical Development and Analytics, Novartis

Working with Lisa has been such an uplifting and an inspiring experience. Her coaching style brings pragmatism and trust, both of which have helped me to focus and see the bigger picture. Lisa has helped me learn more about my areas of development but also to harness and grow my areas of strength. I realized now that there isn’t a rule book and Lisa showed me how to create my own version so that I can better my leadership skills and tackle difficult situations.

I would definitely recommend working with Lisa!

- E.B., Head of Social Media Partnerships, Novartis

People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Lisa Christen as your coach to guide you through the process.

Lisa has helped me to transform how I approach stressful situations, providing me with the tools to remain calm and focused in the heat of the moment as well as the ability to leave stress behind and come home relaxed and without anxiety. As a result, I have improved creativity and I have more confidence to think innovatively without the worry of always having to “be perfect”. I can confidently say that the coaching with her has made me a more creative person and more proficient thought leader.

Lisa is genuinely invested in the success of her clients - you can tell she 100% authentically does this job because of her passion for helping people. I would highly recommend working with Lisa.

— Marcin, Product Manager, Google
Coaching with Lisa was an eye opening experience – for the first time I realized how unaware I was of, and how I undervalued, my true abilities. Lisa is helping me to learn more about myself and how to attain a real personal empowerment.
-G.A., Medical Director, Pharmaceutical Industry