Ways Your Mental Strength May Be Hurting More Than It’s Helping (Forbes)

Pick up a leadership article today and chances are high it will emphasize building your mental strength to achieve success. But what if the overuse of mental strength is actually causing you to be less successful? An over-reliance on “mental strength” can lead to many negative consequences, such as ineffective leadership, burnout and an overall decline in your personal well-being.

That’s because many leaders have a distorted understanding of what mental strength truly is and when to use it appropriately. Mental strength is often misunderstood as simply “powering through” a situation at (almost) any cost. True mental strength is not a matter of suppressing emotions to be “strong” but rather the ability to regulate thoughts, manage emotions and sustain focus and determination in the face of difficulties.

This misinterpretation of mental strength is unfortunately widespread and needs to be addressed. Here are the top five dangers of overusing mental strength and alternative approaches to consider instead.

Danger 1: Overusing A ‘Push-Through’ Mentality

Click here to read the full Forbes article written by our CEO Lisa Christen.

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