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LEVEL-UP-YOUR-LEADERSHIP-CISCO CTO MONIQUE MORROW TECH FOR GOOD PART II Ep. 15: Former Cisco CTO Monique Morrow on Future of Tech (Part II) - So many fascinating anecdotes, we had to create a Part II Click here to listen to Part I of this two-part series: Episode 14: Former Cisco CTO Monique Morrow on Using Tech To Do Good (Part I) A quick refresher on Monique Morrow: She is a former CTO at Cisco and the current President at two tech start-up firms based… Continue Reading
Former Cisco CTO Monique Morrow on Using Tech to Do Good Ep. 14: Former Cisco CTO Monique Morrow on Using Tech To Do Good (Part I) - Monique Morrow Knows Tech Monique Morrow is a former CTO at Cisco and the current President at two tech start-up firms based in blockchain. She is the President and Co-Founder of The Humanized Internet, a non-profit organization focused on providing a digital identity for those individuals most underserved. She is also the President of The VETRI Foundation, whose mission is… Continue Reading
Ep. 13: The Future of Marketing is AI + Humans with Peter Metzinger - Peter Metzinger Knows Marketing PETER METZINGER is the Owner & Managing Director of Business Campaigning, a strategic consultancy specializing in «impossible missions» in branding, marketing, and communications. He's also the co-founder of evAI Intelligence, helping companies develop tailor-made Artificial Intelligence solutions. Peter’s trademarked business campaigning® model was used at the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Open Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In… Continue Reading
Ep. 12: How To Be An Agile Leader - Who Is An Agile Leader? How do charismatic leaders like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk capture an audience? Hint: it’s not by getting up on stage and talking about their own wants and needs. No, the secret to great leadership is this: great leaders understand their audience (employees, peers, bosses) and speak to their audience’s needs. In other words, Steve… Continue Reading
Ep. 11: How To Be Truly Authentic - Can You "Do" Authenticity Wrong? Yes! If you're using "authenticity" as an excuse for justifying your bad habits and behaviors, then you're definitely misusing it. Authenticity is not about sharing or acting on every thought that comes into your mind. Authenticity is not about trying hard to be unique among a crowd of people. Authenticity is not justifying thoughtlessness by… Continue Reading
Ep. 10: How To Make Succeeding At Your Goals Look Easy - Why Goal-Setting Usually Doesn't Work Do you ever have that panicked feeling of being overwhelmed by a mounting to-do list or is that just me? Where do I start? What’s the next step? Agh! In this episode of Level Up Your Leadership, I break down for you three easy steps to goal setting that bring about clarity and an easy… Continue Reading
Ep. 9: The Executive Coaching Formula that Leads to Success Every Time - A New Format Since launching the Level Up Your Leadership podcast, many people have asked me why I interview other people but don't share my own tips and experience. Great question! Let's change that! In this episode, I am sharing my most fundamental secret to successful business and executive coaching: my proprietary coaching method framework. WHY . WHAT . HOW In… Continue Reading
Ep. 8 – VP of Brand at Global Sports Marketing Co: Be There When Nobody Else Is with David Cipullo - David Cipullo is the Vice President of BRAND Sales, Intelligence & Consulting and on the Group Management Board for the global sports marketing firm Infront Sports & Media. David started his career working for sports powerhouses like the US Olympic Committee and Washington Wizards NBA team, and moved into senior roles with Team Services LLC, a stadium naming rights agency,… Continue Reading
Ep. 7 – Former Pro-Soccer Player: Don’t Let The Pressure Get To You with Phil Burns - Performing Under Pressure Phillip Burns knows how to perform under pressure. He's a former professional soccer player (goalkeeper) who played for many English soccer clubs, including Manchester United Youth Team, Huddersfield Town, Readings FC, and Sheffield United. After his professional career, Phil re-channeled his love of sports and fitness into founding and running two Muay Thai kickboxing studios (one in… Continue Reading
Ep. 6 – The Biggest Operational Risk You’re Completely Overlooking with Risk Expert Jennifer Thamm - Jennifer Thamm is the former Global Head of Change & Transformation Governance Risks at UBS. In addition to being a corporate executive, she's also a wife, new mom, travel addict and sports fan. Jennifer has spent over 20 years working in finance, IT and risk management across the financial,  insurance and consulting industries. Prior to her roles at UBS, Jennifer worked as a Senior… Continue Reading