Supercharge Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with Emotional Articulation

This article was based on the presentation our CEO Lisa Christen gave at the Association for Talent Development conference ATD2021. The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees around the world. They host the premier international gathering for talent development practitioners.

Many individuals have learned that a key step in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is to identify and label their emotions, such as saying “I feel angry”. But emotional labeling isn’t enough – it’s the equivalent of knowing the neighborhood you want to visit without knowing the street name or house number. You’re angry, but are you frustrated or are you annoyed? Are you furious or are you enraged? Are you exasperated or are you resentful?

Deeper labeling leads to greater insights. Part of the reason many people still aren’t maximizing their EQ ability is because they are overlooking the precursor to getting the most out of understanding their emotions: Emotional Articulation.

Emotional Articulation is the process of comparing different but related emotions to understand more clearly the precise emotions you are feeling. Through the process of discovering the nuances between related emotions, you can unlock a whole new level of wisdom and understanding about the situation.

Read the full article on Emotional Articulation below:


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