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In Order To Play Big, You Must Jailbreak Your Mind (Forbes)

A few years ago, I was attending a conference and was excited to see one of my personal heroes speaking live. At the opening ceremony, the event moderator told the audience “We are offering special one-on-one coaching sessions live with this guru today, but be quick — his schedule’s already filled up and there’s only one coaching spot left! The sign-up sheet is out the doors back there and in the lobby.” I immediately turned to the person sitting next to me and whispered, in a bit of a panic, “Oh no, someone else is definitely going to take the spot and I’m not going to have this chance for coaching with my hero!” She looks at me and says, “Why don’t you just get up and go sign up?” And that’s exactly what I did.

Before my neighbor said those words, that option hadn’t occurred to me. Why not?…

Click here to read the full Forbes article written by our CEO Lisa Christen.

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