Cécile Bastien Remy

Public Speaking, Communication

Expertise: Public Speaking, Communication, Communication, Team Communication, Storytelling

Languages: FR, EN

From being paralyzed with fear at her first public presentation to TEDx & award-winning keynote speaker, this is Cécile’s journey.

How I Got Here

Cécile’s story starts as early as 6 years old when she discovered the thrill of the limelight on stage. For 15 years, stage time via dancing and theatre play was Cécile’s way to connect.  At 21, due to a life event, she ended up disfigured and 45% disabled. From that point on, she lost all of her confidence and her capacity to connect on and off the stage. Cécile didn’t just bounce back, she bounced forward (the title of her TEDx Talk on Resilience).

Back in early 2013, Cécile got involved with the public speaking club Toastmasters International. In April 2015 (and 2018), she won Best Speaker for Switzerland, and competed on European stages.

These exhilarating experiences helped her to reconnect with the stage and find her ‘WHY?’.

Her mission  is to help leaders and change-makers to influence, impact and inspire to make the world a better place... by speaking and connecting with their audience.

Cécile is dedicated to helping teams and individuals become the speaker they want to be and inspire the change they want to see.

Describe Me In 3 Words

Cécile asked some friends and colleagues and they said: enthusiastic, energetic and quick thinking. Very kind of them – but these are in fact the attributes she uses to help professionals like you develop skills you didn’t realise you had and become great speakers. And she loves what she does.

A Little Background

Cécile began her career as a Sales & Marketing Executive, working for international organisations in the banking, luxury goods, pharmaceutical and telecom industries. She's also co-author of two guidebooks created to support expats who relocate to the greater Zürich area.

Born and raised in France, Cécile lived in the UK for many years before making her home in Lachen, Switzerland with her American husband and two daughters. Cécile speaks French and English and is ready to help you unleash your public speaking potential in any language!