5 Ways We Can Exercise Self-Care

We all know about the importance of self-care, we all have an acute awareness of our needs, and we have different ways of ensuring self-care. And yet, there are moments when we realize that we haven’t properly looked after our needs. We even haven’t been the best we could be for our clients. What can we do to increase our awareness of self-care? What are the different ways we look after ourselves and restore ourselves? And how do we deal with what gets in the way?

Click here to read tips from Fellows of the Institute of Coaching (affiliated with Harvard University) to share their best advice for new ways you can ensure appropriate levels of self-care.

Our CEO Lisa Christen‘s tip was featured:

Self-Care is Not a “Nice To Have”

Do you brush your teeth once a week and assume that’s enough for them to be healthy? No, of course not! Then why treat your brain and body restoration needs like that? A yoga class on Saturdays is not enough to restore your body in the way that it needs. That’s why I believe self-care is not simply a “nice-to-have” moment to spoil yourself, but it is really a “must-have” restoration that will keep your mind and body functioning at peak performance levels. Like so many of our busy clients, it’s easy for us to accidentally prioritize the urgent matters that come up in our lives: the demands and deadlines from clients, the needs of loved ones, and so on. I’ve seen a huge shift in my efficiency, patience, and stress levels once I created a daily routine with the goal to restore my mind and body. For me, I changed my bedtime routine, added morning silence, and a brief mid-day meditation, and made a few nutritional changes and the effort has paid off immensely.

– Lisa Christen, Christen Coaching & Consulting LLC

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