Want To Land A Major Speaking Gig? Try These 14 Coach-Recommended Tips (Forbes)

Being invited to speak at a major conference is a great professional honor. This type of gig can do wonders for your career and personal brand, and it allows you to introduce yourself as an industry expert to a wide audience of potential professional connections.

If you’re looking to take this step, you may not know where to begin. Click to gain insights and tips from 14 Forbes Coaches who share their “tricks of the trade” that can help you secure a speaking gig at a large business conference.

Our CEO Lisa Christen‘s tip was featured:

Minimize Their Fear Of ‘Taking A Risk’ On You

Every conference organizer has one goal: to not put on a bad conference. Ideally, the conference will be great! But they really care more that it’s not embarrassing or terrible. That means if you want to secure a speaking spot, you have to minimize any fear they might have about “taking a risk” on booking you. Videos and personal recommendations help—anything to remove the risk of failure.

Lisa Christen, CEO, Christen Coaching & Consulting

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