How To Improve A Company Culture Without Overhauling It: 13 Key Steps (Forbes)

A strong company culture motivates employees and imparts a sense of belonging to the entire organization. Sometimes, though, certain elements of the culture are negative, or even toxic; and it’s up to company leaders to spot these issues and deal with them.

Although some company cultures might need a complete overhaul to rectify deeper problems at a foundational level, this isn’t always necessary. In many cases, leaders can identify the problematic aspects, then get to work to replace or improve upon them and create a healthier work environment.

Click here to gain insights and read tips from 13 Forbes Coaches Council leaders who share key steps company leaders can take to improve the organizational culture without starting from scratch.

Our CEO Lisa Christen‘s tip was featured:

Embed Reflection Practices

The most important element of a future-fit organization’s culture is its ability to continuously learn. Begin with the simple step of embedding reflection practices. Hit pause in the middle of a meeting and ask, “How is this going? What could we be doing better?” Build a retrospective into your monthly leadership meeting. Hold a two-word weekly check-in. A focus on learning always pays dividends. 

Lisa Christen, CEO, Christen Coaching & Consulting

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