Enhancing Decision-Making Skills: 12 Tips For Overthinking Executives (Forbes)

Indecisiveness or trouble making decisions can be crippling for senior business leaders. For executives heading up critical projects or large departments, their decisions can have a big impact on the health of the company. With so much riding on the choices they make, the “analysis paralysis” phenomenon can overwhelm them. If they begin to overthink and second-guess every move they make, it can make it difficult to commit to any course of action. 

Click here to gain insights and read tips from 12 Forbes Coaches Council leaders who share insights into how they help executive clients stop overthinking, boost their decision-making skills, and make up their minds with confidence.

Our CEO Lisa Christen‘s tip was featured:

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The real reason the client can’t make a decision is because they want to find the “right” or “best” answer. In the 21st century, knowing the one, right, “best” answer is as rare as a Bigfoot sighting! Instead, focus on coaching the client on becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. How can I be agile and resilient when things go off course, as they inevitably will? That’s the transformation.

Lisa Christen, CEO, Christen Coaching & Consulting

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