13 Ways To Ensure Things Run Smoothly When Leaders Are Absent (Forbes)

While it can be difficult for business leaders to let go of their obligations at work for even a brief period of time, they will inevitably need to take some time off at some point. Leaders need to figure out in advance how to keep things running smoothly when they’re not there, as absences are sometimes unavoidable.

This requires a thoughtful approach to ensure that everyone is on the same page before the leave begins. 

Click here to gain insights and read tips from 13 Forbes Coaches Council leaders on how to plan for the business to continue operating at full capacity and in a streamlined and efficient manner, even when the leader isn’t there.

Our CEO Lisa Christen‘s tip was featured:

Teach Your Teams How To Think

If your team is relying on you so heavily that you can’t easily take a few days off, you’ve got an even bigger problem on your hands! The real problem: Your culture is failing. Future-ready organizations have already started evolving to have networked “teams of teams” with empowered decision-makers outside of the hierarchy. Start today by teaching your teams how to think, not just how to execute.

Lisa Christen, CEO, Christen Coaching & Consulting

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