11 Ways To Tell If An Industry Networking Event Is Worth Your Time (Forbes)

As they say, time is money—and this even holds true for networking events. While attending business masterminds and networking events can be of huge benefit, not every event is going to be relevant or necessary for every professional. And while you’re busy attending the event, other opportunities could be passing you by.

Understanding the value an event brings you is essential when figuring out whether or not it’s worth your time and money to attend. So what criteria should you use to decide? Click to gain insights and read tips from 11 Forbes Coaches Council Members who share their best advice for how an entrepreneur can work out whether or not an event or business mastermind is worth their time.

Our CEO Lisa Christen‘s tip was featured:

Be Clear On Your Goals

Many business owners are (accidentally) passive, waiting to be “sold” on what a networking opportunity can offer to them. Instead, be proactive in clarifying what it is you really want or need to achieve your business goals. Need to fine-tune your pricing model? Looking to learn how to close sales deals? If you identify your need first, it’s an easy answer whether the event is worth attending.

Lisa Christen, CEO, Christen Coaching & Consulting

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