11 Ways To Help Your Clients Manage Their Inner Critic

Most of our coaching clients are all-too-familiar with the nagging voice of doubt and criticism inside their heads. This voice, often referred to as the Inner Critic, is one of the key roadblocks holding our clients back from achieving their coaching goals. But is that voice the authentic voice of our client, or is it just a part? What wisdom can we learn from listening to all of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of our client?

11 Institute of Coaching (affiliated with Harvard University) Fellow Members share their best advice for ways you can help your clients explore and manage their inner critic.

Our CEO Lisa Christen‘s tip was featured:

Ensure You’re Managing Your Own Inner Critic

I used to show up to coaching sessions feeling anxious: how can I “prove” my expertise and ensure I’m providing enough value to be “worth” the fees? These doubts held me back from being fully present with the client and giving my best. I realized that, although I had worked on my inner critic for my personal life, I still held false beliefs around my professional life. I decided to target the specific inner critic triggers I had around professionalism and actively cultivated a practice for managing the fears. Ever since, I’ve shown up more confident, present, and creative. That makes me better able to help the client without being “triggered” in the moment.

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