Ep. 10: How To Make Succeeding At Your Goals Look Easy

Why Goal-Setting Usually Doesn’t Work

Do you ever have that panicked feeling of being overwhelmed by a mounting to-do list or is that just me? Where do I start? What’s the next step? Agh!

In this episode of Level Up Your Leadership, I break down for you three easy steps to goal setting that bring about clarity and an easy way to make quick wins. Trust me, this is different from the goal-setting you’ve heard in the past.

The 3 Steps to Goal-Setting Success

I include tips and info on how to:

  • Set goals in a new way
  • Break free from anxiety about not knowing where to start
  • Get clarity on what is actually within your control to achieve
  • Know your next steps and exactly what you need to do to make progress

If you’re ready to break free from the stress of floundering in a list of goals with not a lot of progress or success, tune in to this episode of Level Up Your Leadership on iTunes or Google Play.  



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