Ep. 11: How To Be Truly Authentic

Can You “Do” Authenticity Wrong?

Yes! If you’re using “authenticity” as an excuse for justifying your bad habits and behaviors, then you’re definitely misusing it. Authenticity is not about sharing or acting on every thought that comes into your mind. Authenticity is not about trying hard to be unique among a crowd of people. Authenticity is not justifying thoughtlessness by saying “that’s just who I am”.

So How Do I “Do” Authenticity Right?

You do authenticity right by figuring out what is most important to you: what impact you want to make on the world and what kind of person you want to show up as in your life. In other words, how to intentionally and purposefully choose who you want to be and not just default to who you are without putting in any intention or thought.

In this episode of Level Up Your Leadership, I break down:

  • The mistakes most people make when trying to be authentic
  • What authenticity isn’t
  • What authenticity really is
  • How to become a more authentic leader

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