Ep. 0 – Intro to Level Up Your Leadership

Welcome to Level Up Your Leadership! From Olympic coaches to Fortune 500 executives to Ivy League instructors, you’ll discover what worked (and what didn’t) in getting these exceptional leaders to the top of their fields. In each podcast episode, I interview one elite performer to unpack how they created their success and their recommended tools, tips, and strategies you can use to take your leadership to the next level.

Why I Started This Podcast

Over many years as a leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator, I’ve come to realize that what works for turning high-potential employees into high-performing leaders is not about the DOING but also about the BEING. Who you are and what you stand for as a leader is critical to standing out from the crowd and outlasting the competition.  It’s this larger picture that serves as your North Star, your guiding light as you navigate difficult situations in your career. You need to develop a larger leadership philosophy in order to make all of the other pieces of information coming your way make sense – something that can act like a filter for your decision-making, your behaviors, and your actions.

Why You Should You Listen To This Podcast

My intention is that this podcast helps you discover, create, and clarify your personal leadership philosophy through hearing how amazingly accomplished leaders have navigated their careers. How did these successful people get to where they are? What led them to where they are? What lessons have they learned along the way? What advice would they share?

This is your carved out space, your 45 minutes to reflect on your leadership and your personal and professional growth and learn how to take it all to the next level of success.

A Little More About The Show

There is always an overarching theme to each podcast. No two leaders have the exact same philosophy — that’s what makes it so interesting! Each person’s motivation is highly individual. Some guests may tell you to work hard, study hard, go to the best schools, and get the best doors open to you. And in the next episode, another guest may recommend the polar opposite as the best route to success. Don’t bother with college, get scrappy, make a ton of mistakes and fail your way up. They’re all thought-provoking, interesting ideas and tidbits that have been proven to work.

The interviews will be conversational and authentic in style and will go beyond the “typical” success advice. It’s a bit like having access to world-class mentors. If you like podcasts like The Tim Ferris Show, you’re going to love this one.

A Little More About Me

Lisa Christen is a leadership coach, trainer, consultant, and thought leader at her firm Christen Coaching and Consulting. She is fascinated by the hidden potential in people and works tirelessly to help people discover that they already have all the ability, answers, and courage they need to live a successful and fulfilling life. Lisa has experience working across Fortune 100 companies and the US Government and holds an MBA, a PMP® Project Management Professional certification, and an International Coach Federation (ICF) certification. You can see more details on her LinkedIn Profile.

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