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How To Thrive in Ambiguity: The Simple Six-Step Process

The human brain wasn’t designed to deal with an overload of rapid change, uncertainty and ambiguity. Unfortunately, whether we’re equipped to deal with it or not, these conditions are an unavoidable reality in the modern world. Our clients are searching for ways to create consistent certainty where certainty does not—or cannot—exist.

After all, the very definition of ambiguity means that the understanding of a situation is unclear, possibly unknowable, and is open to multiple interpretations.

This overload can be confusing, exhausting and anxiety inducing. Clients often seek out a coach for help navigating ambiguous situations. Should I take the job with Company X or Company Y? Which product should we fund to grow sales next year? Clients know that coaches can’t give them answers. What we can give them is a simple six-step process that guides them to clarity….

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