Dr. Kathrin Cornelius

Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer

Expertise: Health & Wellbeing, Wellness, Occupational Health & Safety Expert.

Languages: DE, EN

Kathrin’s passion is to inspire (and accompany) organizations as they transform their culture to include a healthy mindset and successful work-life integration.

She is a certified expert in Occupational Safety and Health Management and brings over two decades of international leadership experience. She received her Ph.D. (Freie and Technische Universität of Berlin) in leadership in change environments.

Kathrin has an agile, enthusiastic and empathetic personality, with a deep systemic understanding of management.  She combines the latest research and neuroscience with her practical real-world experiences to deliver policies and programs that create measurable impact to the employees’ engagement – and the company’s bottom lines.

Kathrin is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Create a powerful Mind, Body and Soul by living and working Healthy