Mallory Nieman

Fitness Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Expertise: Fitness, Health, Positive Living & Balanced Lifestyle, Mental Strength

Languages: EN

Mallory is the Founder and CEO of Velocity, Switzerland’s first dedicated indoor cycling studios. Upon earning her B.A. from Cornell University, she worked at several Advertising Agencies in New York City. In 2011, Mallory moved to Switzerland and assumed the role of Head of Marketing for Nexus Telecom from 2011 - 2016. During that time, she completed two Ironman Triathlons, one in Zurich and one in Klagenfurt Austria.

In June 2016—after earning her Executive Masters of Business (EMBA) degree from the Swiss Business School—she opened Velocity in Zurich. She then opened Velocity's second studio in Zug in February 2019, while adding a new strength training concept to the mix, called "Power". Most recently, Velocity opened its third studio in the Zurich Enge train station, which includes a healthy juice, breakfast & salad bar.

Mallory is a believer, not only in fitness, but in all the good things that being part of a healthy community can bring to people. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle leads to an overall happier life and positively promotes both physical and mental change. Almost everyone understands the challenges in today’s busy lifestyle. Finding time for ourselves, for our training goals, for our balance and our well-being, is essential. Mallory's mission is to help people prove to themselves that they can do just that.

Mallory is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mallory Nieman finishing her second IRONMAN competition
Whether you think you can or can't, you're right!