When the grind is wearing you down – here’s how to get back up.

Break past stress and anxiety. Stay strong and resilient. Persevere under pressure.

Introducing Peak Performance Leadership Training.

Peak Performance capabilities allow leaders to successfully tackle even the toughest of challenges with grit, resolve, and confidence.

The reality of the workplace today is that the shifting expectations can be exhausting. The game is high-intensity, high-pressure, and feels 24/7 in our always-connected world. But high pressure does not have to equal high-stress. And there are specific tools, skills and capabilities that can help you in working with the pressure and turning it into high performance.

Services We Offer

Leadership Services We Offer

Leadership Agility Consulting

Your company’s leaders are facing unique challenges that require unique, individualized, and personalized solutions. We provide innovative solutions for leaders to incorporate agility skills into their daily work practices, positively affecting your corporate culture at the core level.

We consult on topics such as:

  • Leadership Agility
  • Employee Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Culture

Leadership Agility Training

Good news – agility in leadership can be taught and the capabilities can be acquired. Awareness of where your leaders currently are and visions of where they want to go can help them to align with the current principles being taught and help them to bring these practices to their everyday work.

We train on topics such as:

  • Peak Performance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Agility
  • Thinking Agility
  • Problem-Solving Agility
  • Innovation Agility

Leadership Agility Coaching

Coaching helps your leaders get laser-focused on what issues are holding them back from excelling and learn how to tackle those challenges head-on, with guidance and support to transform changes into lasting habits.

We offer services such as:

  • Executive
  • High Potential
  • Peak Performance
  • Mastermind Groups
  • The Artist’s Way
  • Book Clubs

Leadership Agility for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face unique challenges with responsibility across all areas of the business, many of which are outside of your traditional area of knowledge or expertise. Through a combination of coaching and consulting, we help entrepreneurs take the stress and guesswork out of running their own business.

We offer services such as:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • One-on-One Consulting
  • Mastermind Groups

We’ve worked with clients from leading firms and programs like:

Our unique approach to leadership training brings personal and meaningful changes to our leaders’ mindsets and emotional intelligence.

Our leaders can resiliently withstand tough challenges and rise above the situation, providing innovative solutions that bring bottom-line results.

Selecting a boutique firm like Christen Coaching & Consulting ensures you get the undivided, personal attention you deserve.